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Shoe Care Kit Starter
Shoe Care Kit Starter

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This is according to us the best basic shoe care kit on market. It includes everything you’ll need to conduct the most basic shoe care but also gives you the foundation to build up a more extensive shoe care collection.

With Pommadier and Pâte de Luxe from Saphir and a pair shoe trees and shoe brushes from Aquila Shoe Care you are now more than ready to start taking care of your shoes!

It includes the following:  

  • 1 pair of Shoe Trees Premium -  (sizes 36-46)
  • 1 Large Shoe Care Brush -  (light or dark color bristles)
  • 1 Small Shoe Care Brush -  (light or dark color bristles)
  • 2 Application Brushes -  (light or dark color bristles)
  • 1 Saphir Pâte de Luxe - (black/neutral/light brown/middle brown/dark brown)
  • 1 Saphir Crème Pommadier - (black/neutral/light brown/middle brown/dark brown/cognac/burgundy) or a Saphir Crème Renovateur
  • 1 Polishing Cloth

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